Tour the Amazon with Street View

This project originated about two years ago with this amazing idea to bring Street View technology to the Amazon as a way to bring people who are online all over the world to the Amazon to see the beauty of the forests and the beauty of the river for themselves. We’ve decided to start at […]

Latest Ecommerce Pricing Trends | BlackCurve

In 2015, ecommerce in the United Kingdom was worth a whopping £133 billion. With economists predicting an increase of 11%. The rate of growth actually surpassed this prediction, as 2016 saw an increase in ecommerce of 16% across the year. Intellectuals predict a further 14% increase for 2017. Ecommerce has undoubtedly reshaped the entire buying […]

Blockchain Island | Cointelegraph Documentary

When the prime minister of Malta, a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean, addresses the United Nations, the world rarely stops to listen. But Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s speech in September broke some new ground. We are currently in exciting technological times. This is why in Malta we have launched ourselves as the blockchain island […]

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