CommBank ecommerce solutions

Do you want to take payments online? Or simply make payment processing easier? Whether you’re a large or small business CommBank’s suite of E-Commerce solutions can enhance your customers’ experience Giving your business a competitive edge Enjoy a simple and easy solution or something more sophisticated to help your business get paid online And we’re […]

Retail POS Software Demo : POS Nation

Complete a sale, win a customer, and now, POS Nation gives you the tools you need to grow your business fast. Quickly ring up sales to get customers in and out of your store. And with integrated merchant services, accept all forms of payment in seconds. Run sales and promos to bring in customers. And […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Hardware wallets and attack surface

[AUDIENCE] Thanks, Andreas. I thought that was fantastic. Can you talk a bit about hardware wallets? [inaudible] Those devices… [ANDREAS] Absolutely. How many people in this audience have used a hardware wallet? [AUDIENCE raises hands] Okay, great. That is good practice. Hardware wallets were first introduced in 2013. Let me backtrack just a tiny bit […]

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