#214: Reinventing the Digital Workplace at Swiss Re

Welcome to Episode #214 of CxOTalk. I’m Michael Krigsman. CxOTalk brings together really the most interesting, innovative people in the world for in-depth and genuinely substantive and meaningful conversation. I want to thank Harmon.ie for sponsoring today’s show. Harmon.ie has a set of products that bring information together from multiple sources and make it easy […]

Wireless Technologies for People with Disabilities

With the application of suitable technology people with physical disabilities are able to participate in various activities of daily living When the Neil Squire Society was formed much of the applied research of that time focused on developing devices to provide greater independence in the home environment For example, personal computers have been adapted to […]

Latest Ecommerce Pricing Trends | BlackCurve

In 2015, ecommerce in the United Kingdom was worth a whopping £133 billion. With economists predicting an increase of 11%. The rate of growth actually surpassed this prediction, as 2016 saw an increase in ecommerce of 16% across the year. Intellectuals predict a further 14% increase for 2017. Ecommerce has undoubtedly reshaped the entire buying […]


Thank you for joining us we are here to talk about the block chain my name is Satoshi Nakamoto I’m actually I’m Mark Hochstein I’m the editor in chief of American banker Before we dive in how many people here in the room first heard the word blockchain within the last 12 months? pretty good […]

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