Three Levels of a Product Explained

Hello and welcome to today’s lesson where we’re looking at the three levels of a product now the three product levels model by Philip Kotler provides a way to understand the different levels of need that a customer has for a product and It’s worth noting that According to Cutler the definition of a product […]

How to Find Product Market Fit – CS183F

Today we have Peter Reinhardt, he’s the CEO of Segment, went through YC when?>>2011.>>2011, and now Segment is doing extremely well. Peter is going to talk about product market fit, sort of this magic concept or word people use. I don’t think they really understand it, certainly, the first job to get right in any […]

RT Shorts – Failed Product Ideas

[DOOR OPENS] Hey, Chris. Thanks for coming in. So, I was super excited when you agreed to take over the creative direction for the merchandise store. Yeah. But, then, this morning, I went into the bathroom, and I found… …this. That is a Rooster Teeth urinal cake with your face on it. Let’s just ignore […]

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