Mobile Money 2020

I’ve never used my phone to make payments Yeah, I literally pay everything with my mobile cause there is an app for everything. I can’t beleve how quick and easy it is The year 2015 that we are in we’ve seen it’s been the year of mobile. We are looking to have a million active […]

Managing Your Mobile Infrastructure: IBM Mobile Multimedia Series

What sets mobile technology leaders apart from the typical company in managing mobile initiatives? The IBM Global IT Study on Mobile Infrastructure estimated that twenty percent of enterprises are what we qualify as mobile leaders. Mobile technology leaders are engaging in multiple initiatives: securing mobile data, managing mobile telecomm expenses, mobile devices including BYOD, managing […]

Oprogramowanie 4MAG E-Commerce

Trade and warehouse support In each sale there is storage operations 4MAG E-Commerce can be used in: online and stationary shops 4MAG E-Commerce work schema Downloading data from external system Downloading data to mobile terminal Creating documents from scanned bar codes Exporting created data from mobile terminal Exporting data to external system Software can be […]

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