What is Bitcoin? | MineBest

Do you want to know what Bitcoin really is? Before it attracted the attention of thousands of people, in October 2008, an internet user known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” suggested the idea of a new, independent currency. The open-source version of Bitcoin code was released two months later. The first block in the Bitcoin blockchain was […]

Black Friday Cyber Monday Recap

Hi, this is Linda Bustos from Get Elastic and I’m just hopping on real quick to chat about the Cyber Week that just happened including the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. I recently put together an infographic with some of what I felt was the most insightful takeaways of what happened during this period and […]


– Hey everyone I’m Colleen Ballinger and I’m very excited about today’s video as you I’m sure all know by now I am pregnant. I am very pregnant and I have experienced basically every horrible symptom you can imagine being pregnant. Which has forced me to be on bedrest and forced me to try a […]

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