10 Bike Products Ranging from Terrible to Great

In the Southeastern US, we’re already seeing hints of Spring. But the trails are still too wet to ride. So today we’ll take to the garage and examine another 10 products, for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Let’s get started. The Bomber Strap is a mini tailgate pad that holds a single mountain bike, and […]

iMIS 20-300 Commerce overview

With iMIS 20, commerce is your homefront for products, and payments. Use the fully tailorable dashboards to help you track your sales revenue data. Construct an online store by easily adding product with unlimited levels of product categories. Create separate prices for members and non members, and Shape relationships between items for purposes of cross-selling, […]

Wireless Technologies for People with Disabilities

With the application of suitable technology people with physical disabilities are able to participate in various activities of daily living When the Neil Squire Society was formed much of the applied research of that time focused on developing devices to provide greater independence in the home environment For example, personal computers have been adapted to […]

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