Setup Firebase RealTime Chat For Fluxstore (Flutter E-Commerce App In 10 Minutes, Ep. 17)

Setup Firebase RealTime Chat For Fluxstore – First step: Create a Firebase project Configure authentication and realtime database rules Setup Cloud Storage Install the Firebase CLI to support chat Copy project-id in Firebase project and paste to .firebaserc Run commands to install the Firebase CLI Register your iOS app with Firebase download the GoogleService-Info.plist file, […]

Protect your e-commerce business with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

[MUSIC].>>Omnichannel shopping has a secret. While Omnichannel retail is growing like never before, fraudulent transactions account for $250 billion in costs every year. It’s time for your company to take action back by reducing fraud and increasing legitimate transactions. Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. A Cloud-based solution for Omnichannel merchants designed to help increase […]

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