Salesman: Rat skins, dodo-heads, tepid lemonade. Get out of it! Rat skins, dodo-heads, tepid lemonade- G’day mate I’ll take uh, five of your rat skins and one of those tepid lemonades. That’s one chicken, mate. That’s not a chicken. No. That’s much better than a chicken, my friend. That is gold. What? Gold. The currency […]

Bitcoin Q&A: CME Bitcoin Reference Rate

[AUDIENCE] My question is about [the Chicago Mercantile Exchange]. On December 10th, if I’m correctly informed, the CME is going to start futures trading [of bitcoin]. Since this year, we have seen already two forks, almost three. Forking is something quite new to a futures exchange; the underlying assets usually don’t fork. I haven’t seen […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Block capacity and embedded data

“What can you put on the Bitcoin blockchain?” “Andreas, how many transactions can fit in a block, with and without SegWit?” “In addition, what kind of other data can you include in a block? Thanks.” Great question. I can’t give you an exact number because it depends on the nature of transactions. Transactions can vary […]

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