In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to configure the Tax settings on your EKM online shop. From your Dashboard page when you first log in, what you need to do is click the Settings tab up towards the right-hand side of the page. And then, down beneath Shop Settings on the top […]

Back in Stock Statistics

In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to install the Back In Stock Statistics feature on your EKM online shop. When you first log in, you’ll hit the Dashboard page so what you need to do is click the Features tab up towards the right-hand side of the page. And then once you […]

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash see volatile price fluctuations, local virtual currency exchanges paralyzed

The world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash saw wild price fluctuations over the past few days,… with Bitcoin’s price tumbling and Bitcoin Cash’s soaring. The immense number of transactions even overloaded local Bitcoin exchanges, leaving them paralyzed. Lee Ji-won has more. The prices of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash fluctuated violently over the weekend,… […]

Protect your e-commerce business with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

[MUSIC].>>Omnichannel shopping has a secret. While Omnichannel retail is growing like never before, fraudulent transactions account for $250 billion in costs every year. It’s time for your company to take action back by reducing fraud and increasing legitimate transactions. Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. A Cloud-based solution for Omnichannel merchants designed to help increase […]

10 Unique Chinese Products!

Had enough of the day, and you’re, like i need to look at my bubble. Yes, good bubble. Bubble never leave me. This bubble will never pop. Good bubble. I love you bubble. (music) What’s going on guys, welcome to 10 strange Chinese items today, Bryan went on various Chinese websites. Bryan: I went to […]

Immersive retail design

hi my name is Lukas I’m the founder of LumiTRIX this is our booth at retail design Expo in London and we are presenting our very new augmented reality projection mapping solution for retail design This is a solution that we’ve developed in cooperation with bike manufacturer Festka from Czech Republic and this is basically […]

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