Mobile Money 2020

I’ve never used my phone to make payments
Yeah, I literally pay everything with my mobile cause there is an app for everything.
I can’t beleve how quick and easy it is The year 2015 that we are in we’ve seen it’s
been the year of mobile. We are looking to have a million active users by the end of
this year across Europe, and we’ve stablished there is a strong demand of consumers in a
number of markets to use mobile payments. And we are expecting to see the number of
people to be using the mobile on everyday bases to double up on the next five years.
I find now with mobile banking is just a far quicker and more effective way of making payments
I usually got out with a purse, full of cards, and the change, so yeah it will be so much
easier just to carry a mobile, and that’s got all of it in one.
Using the phone for mobile commerce, I have the ability to make transactions with just
one, two or three kind of clicks, whether it be by Visa or using the visa direct
service, so easy, convenient, saves time… It not just payments which its actually changing
in terms of mobile, its actually how we shop and how we buy things.
I buy a lot of things in the internet like toiletries, electronics, clothes… So i usually use my phone for that sort of things
Since mobile banking invention, yeah its more easy because I can see my balance
People who used to accessing their bank throught their app or their mobile are twice as likely
to check their balance but also to make the best of their bank balance at the end of every
month. Very important to get peace of mind. you know
what happens if someone steals your card details or steal your credit card.
I want to be quick and fast and security is very important to me
Security is fundamental to our business, we are also leaders in innovation in the market.
We are looking at is innovating the combination of biometrics and other types of security
measures and I think what we are trying to do is make sure that we apply the same layers
of security to mobile payments, that we have done to the card payments previously.
So tokenisation is essentially swapping out your 16 digit card number that you have today with
a new 16 digit card number which is only specific to the device, if your device gets compromised
in any way is not your full card details what are exposed, its only the device account number
that is actually at risk. We have over 2.4 million contactless terminals
emplaced today and we expect that increase significantly on future years. There are moves
that we have made in the market to ensure that by the end of 2019 all terminals in Europe
will be contacless unable. It will certainly be one day that actually
the plastic card will dissapear. Mobile payments is something that is very exciting and is
begining of a new adventure on payments

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