Immersive retail design

hi my name is Lukas I’m the founder of LumiTRIX this is our booth at retail design Expo in London and we are presenting our very new augmented reality projection mapping solution for retail design This is a solution that we’ve developed in cooperation with bike manufacturer Festka from Czech Republic and this is basically a 3D configurator of their product so the customer can come to this wall and change the design of the bike like that you can see that the projection is the combination of projection on the real physical frame of the bike and the wall behind the bike LumiTRIX augmented reality system is equipped with a direct customer smartphone control this means that once the customer enters the shop he can interact with the display by simply connecting to the shop´s website so here this is an example of how I can configure the bag which is in the display there so basically this wall i have here I also see it on my screen and all of these graphics on the wall are simple objects so I can select for example this logo here and move it under the shirt here and immediately the wall react thanks for watching feel free to ask any questions on our email: [email protected] or call us directly

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