Employee Training Testimonial – QuickChek Corporation (Retail Food)

Hear how a retail food company benefits from employee training programs offered by Rutgers. My name is David Bussiere and I work for Quick Chek Corporation in New Jersey. I’m the leader of the selection and development; I work in the human resources department. Training is my life. The benefits from the [Rutgers] OCPE training that we’ve received is our new entry-level team members of gain more confidence, they become more readily able to move up within our company. We have certain levels for entry level… team members can move up rather quickly and they get the customer service skills and some food handling skills through the programs we run that allow them opportunities to grow very quickly within our company. We have many, many people that have started out as part-time team members with us just as either their first job or a second job who have made our company a career now, so it has made a difference in their lives. Some positive feedback or comments or advice that I would give to someone that’s thinking about working with Rutgers and this office to take advantage of some of the opportunities is you gain great direction from the knowledge of the people here, great suggestions. They are willing to work with and create training that is exactly what you need. They’ll come to your place, they have come to our place of business. have met the instructors. Everything is customizable and again more importantly for me as they help you with the process. I needed help with the process, I didn’t understand it, they stayed with me the whole way and delivered the product to me. They’re a partnership that I value. That’s why I’m here every year coming back. I support them, they know it, and they are a reason for my success and our company’s success. Let us help make your company a success! Bring our employee training to your organization. Contact us today! www.cpe.rutgers.edu/wd

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2 thoughts on “Employee Training Testimonial – QuickChek Corporation (Retail Food)

  1. totally full of shit…they take care of their family member's…. training program is a joke…Rutgers is creditable…Quickchek is not

  2. This company employs a manager that took pictures of his genitals and showed them to customers who are minors…Quickchek is a scum company, full of fat, self- serving incompetents..
    Do not spend your money there and definitely do not have your children work there..

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