DJI – Behind The Scenes: “You Are Wanted” – An Amazon Prime Production

You are Wanted is a story about an
ordinary family father who is being destroyed in
the digital world. The second season has incredible
pressure from the outside. With the whole world looking at
Berlin and Lukas Franke caught in the crossfire. “You have no idea what
it’s like to be hunted.” The challenge in season two was to
work as efficiently as possible. In terms of cinematography, the goal
was to be as dynamic as possible and to create as many
cool shots as possible. I was looking for new tools on the
market which also delivered quality and high standards
we needed for this project. I decided to use a drone throughout
the entire production. The advantage of working with
a drone is obvious: Fly up and down quickly and
get a brilliant shot! It takes a few hours to setup
a cable cam or crane. This technology opens up new
possibilities of how we can work on set. It’s amazing how extremely
small and lightweight the camera attached
to the drone is. However it has a 35mm sensor and
delivers comparable quality to a big cinema camera. The use of drones has definitely
increased and we’re not only using them for traditional wide shots
which you would’ve done with helicopters in the past. But we are also increasingly
capturing shots which look like they’re shot from a
cable cam or steadycam. Drones are more flexible,
easier and faster to use. My favourite drone shot
is from episode two when Thomas goes to Nelly. We’re flying through an array of
balconies and this doesn’t look like an aerial shot at all because
it is a very tight space. These are shots where
you usually think: Wow, I would’ve had to do something
really complicated with ropes and we would have had to
remove them in post-production. But achieving the same effect with
a drone was very easy. In the tunnel car sequence we also
used the drone to capture incredible shots flying next
to and above cars. It was also very nice to use the
DJI Ronin 2 this year and not to be limited by which camera and
how the camera was used. This enabled us to be more flexible
in our choice of camera. In season two, the audience can
definitely look forward to an emotional rollercoaster. It really gets to the heart
of the Franke family. It’s good entertainment, which
provides you with food for thought that’s genuine but at the same
time is a bit like a fairy tale.

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76 thoughts on “DJI – Behind The Scenes: “You Are Wanted” – An Amazon Prime Production

  1. Making movies is in the past , creating movies is now and beyond!!!! by Mikey Breden – Oldsmar Florida

    We wanna see a movie created instead of made!!

  2. Awesome cinematography using the Inspire and the ronin. I enjoyed watching your creative and cinematic footage I wish more directors would use drones. Thanks for sharing !!!

  3. Ein Beweiß dafür wie modern auch deutsche Filmproduktionen werden. Es gibt hier so viele Medienproduktionen die noch so auf die alte Technik fixiert sind und sich dann über hohe Kosten und riesen Aufwand wundern. Aber echt geil!

  4. Awesome Cinematography! Very nice to see the use of drones and Ronin Stabilizers and Inspire Gimbal Cameras in this video sequence: Well done Drone Pilots and Camera Crews!

  5. Drohnen sind halt ein großer Vorteil für die Filmproduktion. Schon cool wie weit DJI mit der Drohnen-Technik ist! Drohnen können viele alte Aufnahmetechniken ersetzten. Ziemlich praktisch! Weiter so DJI!!!

  6. DJI hands down makes the best motion picture product accessories in the world their price margin matched with their insane technical ability have blown away the markets in a revolutionary style and they are now invaluable to production. I almost cried the first time using once after years of doing “brilliant” handheld/ steady-cam work. By far the best investment a filmmaker can make.

  7. Die X7 hat einen Super35mm Sensor, keinen 35mm Sensor – ist schließlich kein Vollformat! Der Kameraoperator scheint sie Specs nicht ganz zu kennen 😉

  8. Ich glaube fast nicht das die Phantom für irgendwelche sehr hoch qualitative Filme verwendet wird…

  9. Здравствуйте уважаемый ПОДПИШИСЬ на мой канал ..СПАСИБО

  10. So eine geile Serie … Kann man nicht anders sagen 2ter Tag nach der Erscheinung auf Amazon und ich hatte es durch

  11. If only the x7 and all the lens were not so expensive, I guess I’m stuck with the x5s for the time being untill I can save the money , Good Work dji on the x7 , my friend has it and is having a blast working with it

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