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Please Thank You, Jen. Yeah Now, it’s your first time at NOAA. Yeah, of course you brought a lot of friends. Yeah You’re very honored to have you because for us it’s important to learn more about China because we can learn from you Yeah, and also we can work together as we have seen ping gang cooking Is poking so yesterday you had the exclusive nor dinner? Yeah, and what were your impressions? What are your impressions of North yeah According I think the the dinner is a platform to communicate with each other and according to with according to the Talking with the wiii. Eiope there, I think It helps me to understand the chance of development of digital economy in the in terms of width and depth I think The development of a teacher economy is based on the technology like internet internet of scenes artificial intelligence and the big data so I think perhaps all the people who or the comment all all all Enterprises who? attach the chairs of the devotee to economy might be Might will win The competition in the area of footage to economy so we are not so different That’s exactly what I think you have to embrace digital use digital tools Yeah, otherwise, you cannot stay competitive. Yes. It’s the same so people every organization every Companies should follow the chance. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah, it’s just like water to in fear change all the fields not only restricted in economic fields, but also common administration and the people’s life daily life Well, there’s everywhere that we the company earlier on stage is voting through the mobile phone for elections Yes, and you know we have this Technology for 20 years only 40% go to elections and they vote for rarely radical Right and left wing parties and the politicians don’t adapt the technology Let’s talk about the Chinese government for a minute. The Chinese government is doing a lot of Change in your country Embracing digital. Can you mention some example where your government is? Yep? Offering transformation, okay China government is people the government which serves Chinese people and creates? business friendly environment for Enterprises so China command also follows the chance of a digital economy to shift the law of the garment Severely There boy, I think there’s chain working closely together. Yes private sector. Yeah. This is not the situation. Yes, right Yes, we had companies earlier saying we are not on the FinTech or it Yeah expert panel they don’t even know who’s on it So the the Chinese government is more open more work together with yes. This is SEC. I can give me about that Touch young I’m from City and provincial cameras. How many people live in jaejeong? Yes Cc6 hyung g600 the median Oh 600 median I know those 60 hunch music see million, maybe 60 mmmm. Yeah there anyway, a lot of people a lot of people and also taken province is Very special province with a lot of private company there where and where is it in China? Yeah, neighboring Shanghai. Okay, just only one hour by chin Yeah, actually less to my embarrassment. I Probably forgot I was there at the beginning of the year. I met with food soon technology food soon couldn’t acknowledge I show you. Oh, yeah, I see you you’ve been there. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it was amazing. Yeah, the train station like on another planet Yes, so many people. Yeah at very fast rate. Yeah, I think 400 kilometres power or something like very fast. He swung it 50. Yeah. I have the I took a picture Yeah per hour. Yeah. Okay. So the government is the government they’re doing yeah transform oh, yeah, I can give you a good time example, I like this and The government yes, of course, of course some exams. Yes, I give you an example bodies at first I should say China command such an provincial government lead the proposal of One time is enough service reform to in China to simplify the priestesses of application Sorry, what application? Yeah, yeah every application which relevant to the government departments. I can give little For business license, yeah people you just only spend one time to go to come department to apply for the license or certificate and Perhaps it just only one harm only what yeah and the weeks pro the zero time to get the license or approval and Purposes are explained literally nature to their People all do it online and is a certificate And approval I mean documents by real time by Post-delivery delivered by post so it is just one time or just zero time to do that. It’s very innovative Yeah, of course. Fantastic. Yeah like Estonia I don’t know if you know in the small country in the north of Europe everything I can give Another example is I am French his son is studying in a university in Ireland To instead to apply for we Sykes yes, but two Months later with a lot of wisdom not one time many many times But the scenes not so Chiana, that’s what we had a long time but in China in our province, it’s just a one time or the old time to get the License or through will be a year waste and salt I tell you something. I do ten years this conference Yeah, and it’s the first time I have a government Politician yeah on stage who’s excited about ego vermin and talking about it. Thank you so much. That was really a Nothing humble about it Hansol has a city ring We have a corporation with the re clout, you know, early re Papa cloud. Yeah Yes – so the traffic jams It’s a traffic jam traffic jams. Yeah, there was a lot of traffic running the popular program singing big city because hangzhou the people Has a lot of people with the almost 10 million. Yeah people there. So traffic jam is a big problem for us How do you lost the treasure we set a Main Street Main Street? Yes as Green Wave belt Yeah, it means when you start the first Queen large Yeah that we can the the cloud I mean the data will calculate the average speed of every of all the cars all the weakest Yeah how far and then the next traffic light and the it becomes the green light, so We can close at least seven traffic lights at least seven or seven or eight satellites with the distance of three or four kilometers long history without any stop When we when we drive it cars in the city centre Perhaps we can from this side of city to an aside adjust with Wire or to redline and the government obviously allowed them to do that. So the government and the private sector is working very well Yeah, of course. Yes okay in November, so You have to China International Import/export yes coming up in November. Yeah. Yeah because our department is in charge of international trade. Yeah and international investment to put to the promotion and administration Yes, and what what is it and shall we come to this? Yeah, right. Yeah. Yes, of course. I’d like to To share my work Spears as an organizer of the jump how many people are coming there ten? thousand companies with the thirty Thousand buyers from our province owen from our province lawful buyers to go there Yeah Ii mean I I was in that area actually where you’re from Chen and yeah if you have okay who has not been to China Everyone has been to China. Yeah, but not perhaps you can ask who has not been in China Okay, who’s on their phones and has no clue that we are talking about you Okay, yeah now in Chinese culture gifting is very important and I think You have a special gift for our NOAA Attendees now somebody told me yes. What is that gift? Yeah. Yeah, of course. We have a gift package Are you interested him? Yes. Yes Okay I should say we passed a participant in first CI ie China International Import Expo in Shanghai in November last year and we have organized an event Named Tatiana torture and Digital economy much making summit which are checked in 51 corporations from torture and with the nine more than ninety and touch 19 while or 19 – top leaders of companies from torch tint and like I can give you temple like s AP Accenture Toshiba Deutsche Bank, yeah, they still around. Yes. Yes. Adi does. Yeah Kiwi and Look, wow, these are like the top German. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah to come normally just the top leaders just like chairman person CEO member board member of full I mean board member and Seat, he all CEO all we just say c XO know is not it is not awkward just XO exit means tio and Well November is very sit in November, you know, of course update What is it all six afternoon along to ocular to now o’clock p.m Six seven us do that. We we just – We do the matchmaking normally with just one entrepreneur from torture bushland and the three or four Partners con parts to talk each other from Tehran provincial province city and province So normally if you have a chance to attend such Much make inside. It’s just after Noah London. So I have a chance to come I will try it Yeah said we have to go on and you’re pro an hour and our program our gift or gift. I forgot the gift Golden we offer five golden tickets to all the participants in nor and our Partner yeah think loop Accenture. We are being charged off for Selection. Okay, we like okay. Thank you so much Okay, we have four tickets and okay. So here fine fine. I know yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much You

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