Adults React To Commercials That Make No Sense (Guessing The Product)

– (woman speaking Japanese)
– What the– WHAT?! Is she turning into the Silver Surfer?
– These commercials are just– they don’t make any sense! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, today’s episode
was actually picked by our SuperFam
on the React Channel. – Sweet. I love when they do that.
(poppers popping, kazoos blowing) – We love the SuperFam.
They always give us some good ones. – (FBE) So, the producers asked
our Golden Diamond members to pick 10 possible topics
for this episode, and then we polled
the whole SuperFam to vote on them.
– Ooh! Okay. So, this is invented
by the SuperFam, which means it’s gonna be
extraordinarily fun. – (FBE) These were the results.
– “Guess the product based on weird commercials.”
– (FBE) So, with that in mind, we’re gonna be showing you a series
of commercials that are a little bizarre
and aren’t the most obvious as to what they’re selling.
Then we’re gonna pause right before the reveal
to see if you can guess what it is. – Okay. I’ve been on the weird side
of YouTube, so I’ve seen some [bleep]. – I’m probably gonna
be really bad at this, but I’m gonna do my best
for the SuperFam. (chuckles) ♪ (melancholy music) ♪ – What is this? – Okay, the baby in the tub.
– Aww, baby. – Okay, we’re seeing stages
of life now, so maybe some insurance, a hospital. – Learn to shave. Okay, so this is
a coming-of-age tale so far. – It’s gonna be literally nothing
to do with any of this. – It’s a very cinematic commercial.
– This is like an indie film a college student makes. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Ohh! She a ho! – Uh-oh. Ah, snap!
– Oh, now he’s getting crazy. – He Britney Spear-ing it.
Oh my god! – Now he’s going through a rage. – This better be no
whack shampoo commercial. – This is like
the movie Boyhood kind of. – (voice-over) Every day,
life asks you the same question. – (laughs) I don’t know
what that could be selling. – “Every day, life asks you
the same questions.” Very vague. (chuckles)
The only product I saw in there were shavers and hair clippers.
– It made it seem like the boy was crazy. I’m thinking
it’s some kind of depression drug or something.
– I would say it’s life insurance or something, like it’s all
the life things that happen. – Is this a Subway commercial?
(chuckling) – Subway. I can see that hat.
– HELL NAW! I know what this is! This is not a damn Subway commercial.
– I see a hat that could be a giveaway.
(hesitant) Subway? – I’ve seen this one.
I just realized. I remember this commercial
making the rounds on Twitter. Subway.
– I see Subway. Why, Subway?!
Why you getting so emotional? (buzzer)
– It’s a Subway commercial?! How– how this a Subway commercial? – Who pitched that?! Very cinematic/dramatic
commercial, great, but that didn’t sell me
a damn sandwich. (ding)
– How does that make me wanna eat… at all?!
– If you think about it, there’s going to be
an Academy-award-winning movie where the guy got his break
doing a Subway commercial. – (FBE) So, the Subway commercial
actually first aired in 2016, but it only went viral this year.
– Because it’s so [bleep] random. – Nobody sees this guy making
a bunch of different life choices and thinks Subway.
– It was literally, like, you’re tugging on my heart strings.
Why? For a turkey sub? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – What is going on here? – These are anime characters.
– This is One Piece? – This is a knockoff One Piece? – Is this a Gap commercial? – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – Maybe a game?
– (chuckles) This is amazing.
– (all speaking Japanese in turn) – I mean, it’s One Piece,
just live action One Piece. – Something to do with clothes?
Is it Gap? – A yogurt commercial?
– This looks like a video game to me. – A travel company?
– This is a mobile– like, for a mobile game.
– It’s for an energy drink, ’cause it would be random,
like, we’re on mountain. How did we get here?
Energy drink. – I would say this is a commercial
for, like, a Comic-Con, but in another country.
– A minivan or something. (chuckles) I don’t know.
This is hard, SuperFam! – (man speaking Japanese)
– What?! Indeed? – ♪ (all singing Japanese) ♪ – Indee– like,
that’s a job website. What job were you
applying for like this? – I don’t know what job
those guys have, but I know I want to be
every one of those characters, and I want whatever job they have.
– What?! They’re supposed to drive people
to go buy their product or go visit their websites.
I don’t feel like– I feel like I wanna
watch One Piece now. – “For me, being successful
is about hitting, beating, devouring.” – I love sharks.
What are they gonna do to him? (phone ringing)
– Ahh, no! I don’t like lizards, though.
– Oh, chamele-woman. – (chameleon) Hiii!
– That’s me. (chuckles) – (chameleon) Hiii! – Oh, I like that.
That was really clever. – “Being successful is tricking,
scheming, pushing. Drive already!” – “Being successful is biting
at the right moment.” – (snake hissing)
– “So, what’s important to you?” “Or to stay human?”
Ohhh. – Is it a recruiting company?
– A job commercial. – Church.
– Something about phones? – Life insurance?
– That one fox lady was in the car,
being like, “Drive!” I don’t know. I’m just
gonna assume insurance. – For a charm school!
(chuckles) Or, you know, like, somebody who’s teaching you
how to have nicer manners. – It’s gonna be some kind
of website for career performance, job performance.
– This is a commercial for some sort of learning institution. (buzzer)
– (voice-over) A Seminar Hakibutzim College, we believe you can
succeed and stay human. – That was about college? (ding)
– (voice-over) A Seminar Hakibutzim College, we believe…
– Ah! – (voice-over) …and stay human.
– Fantastic. So, you don’t have to be a [bleep]
if you go back to their school, so yeah. I actually got that one.
It was a bit obtuse, but I feel like it’s teaching people
to be better people. – That commercial made sense,
and it was fun. – That does make more sense
as opposed to some of the other commercials. – (man snaps) Ah!
– This looks like a really good movie. – It’s one of ’em
old school commercials like back in George Washington’s day. ♪ (dramatic classical music) ♪
– I have no idea. – Some old weird painter dude
is painting this family. – Marie Antoinette, it’s for you.
I like it. – I see a lot of paintings. – “It’s a meal,
not a competition.” – Oh my god. (laughs)
That’s cool. Okay, I like that. – Is it for some kind of app?
– It’s gonna be for some printing company.
– An iPhone competitor. Android or something.
– Is it a– it’s for a phone? Google Pixel.
– I’m assuming this commercial is trying to bring into attention
how stupid it is that we take pictures of our meals. I’m gonna say
this product has to do with Instagram. – Home good store?
Just the stuff all over the house. – Something about furniture.
– They were at the dinner table? Is it for a dinner ta–
like, Ikea or something? – They’re at a table.
Your family time is at the table. Is it a furniture thing?
Is it Ikea? (laughs) (ding)
– Ikea! (ding)
– Ah, I was right! Ikea! (ding)
– Oh, it is Ikea! (laughs) (buzzer)
– Ikea? What the– (buzzer) – How?! I don’t get it!! This is blowing my mind, dude.
These commercials are just– they don’t make any sense!
– Way too much to follow the entire– like, I barely saw the table.
I just knew they were at a table. And that’s the only thing I saw.
So, that was hard. – All I know is that
that looks very difficult, whatever was going on there,
which is a reflection of how long it takes me to put together
a Billy bookshelf. A Victorian family could have
20 dinners in the time it takes for me to put together
one simple bookshelf. ♪ (soft rock music) ♪
– This looks like an old ’80s VHS. – I know this one.
This is my generation. – I have no idea. – I hope he does the drumming part,
because that would be amazing. – ♪ Well, I’ve been waiting
for this moment for all my life ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Oh, no ♪ ♪ (drum solo) ♪ – They got a gorilla
playing the drums. – ♪ feel it coming… ♪
– Ayyy. – Amazing!
– I’ve only seen the meme. I haven’t seen this commercial.
– That is so cool. Just picturing animals
playing instruments, I just love the idea of that.
– To me, this is a sound system of some sort
being sold to me. – This has to be a commercial
for music equipment. – An instrument company.
– Guitar Center. – Drum heads that are resistant
to the beating of an ape. – I hope it’s for a drum set.
It might be for ear plugs. It could be one of those two things.
– I’m saying food, ’cause the apes like bananas.
So, I’m like, bananas. – A banana milkshake. (chuckles)
I don’t know. – It was the early 2000s, right?
For Cadbury. (buzzer)
– ♪ I can feel it coming in the air tonight ♪
– It’s a chocolate bar? (buzzer)
– ♪ …coming in the air tonight ♪ – A [bleep] chocolate bar?
(buzzer) – I mean, I guess maybe
the background color is the same as the packaging, but what
does a gorilla playing drums have to do with chocolate?
(chuckles) – Maybe that’s just how you feel
while you’re eating it, and they didn’t know
how to put it into words. And they were like, “Here.
This is what you feel while eating our product.”
– It was great. And it was one of
the original commercials of– one of the original
non sequitur commercials of, like, what does this
have to do with ANYTHING? You have that song.
You the beat to it. And it’s just fantastic,
’cause at first you’re like, what is this about?
And then when the drum beat happens, you’re like– you can
relate to a gorilla. How many times can you relate
to a gorilla? It’s fantastic. – (man speaking Japanese) – Okay, we got an audition.
– Yeah, girl! ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪
– Get it, girl. – She’s so cute. – That’s funny.
She took the number. – Yeah, you go!
Yes! Go, 42! – This is how I dance
when I go to the club. – There’s no way
I’m gonna get this. ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪
– I love her. – Okay, I like her energy. ♪ (loud drum beat) ♪
– (man speaking Japanese) – (woman speaking Japanese)
– What the– WHAT?! Is she turning into the Silver Surfer?
– Yeah, girl. You’re a star! – Why is she bald?!
– What the [bleep] is this commercial, dude?
– This seems like this would be a commercial for
the clothing she’s wearing. – I’m not gonna get this.
There’s no hints. – I’m gonna go with crackers.
– I’m gonna guess a soda. – Is it a Nike commercial?
It’s showing sneakers and stuff. – Maybe jewelry,
because she turns silver. – I don’t know. Yogurt?
– Is she a fish? I don’t know. I just feel like
she’s about to flop into the water. – Oh, I feel like she’s gonna fall
into whatever food it is or she’s gonna turn
into whatever food it is. She’s gray, so she’s painted
like the color of a fish. Is it for a seafood company
or sushi place? (buzzer) – What is this, a fish? Sushi?! (buzzer) – (voice-over speaking Japanese) – HOW?! (ding)
– Sushi! Yeah! (chuckles) – Did she turn into a sushi? Why?! You had so much
to live for! – Maybe they’re trying
to be like, “No! It’s okay, the fish like this.
They audition to be our food.” Like– (laughs)
– I’m proud of myself. These were fun.
These were challenging. I had to– I’m looking for clues.
I’m just trying to put it– you know, put the pieces together.
– It’s funny, because they might not necessarily have anything
to do with the product, but because the commercial
is just so intriguing and like, “Oh, what am I
watching right now?” I feel like it maybe
even grabs your attention more. – They were so odd and so obscure
and hilarious, which is why I love ads. There is a thing nowadays,
where you have to kind of have to break through the noise.
You kind of have to go to extreme lengths
for people to be talking about your ad, which makes them
talk about your product. – (FBE) Finally, commercials
are generally meant to advertise a product by showing what would
be worth the purchase. – Yes, which is what I’m accustomed to
as far as commercials are concerned. – (FBE) However, a lot
of these commercials didn’t really do that
and focused more on humor and emotion. Do you think
when commercials are more abstract and not obvious like this
it makes you more inclined to buy the product they’re selling
or does it have the opposite effect? – It makes me more inclined
to buy the product, ’cause you just have this memory
of the commercial. – I just think it
makes it more memorable. It kind of does bring
a little publicity to your company, but I don’t think it ultimately
reflects the company’s mission, which is to sell a product.
– To me, it’s what stays in my mind, and the humor and emotion part does.
It’s like, “Oh, I remember that one where that young Japanese girl
turned herself into a dead fish.” (chuckles) I’ll remember that.
Like, yeah, that was a sushi ad. That [bleep] was [bleep] bonkers. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React, and shoutout to arturo paz.
– Make sure to hit that Subscribe button.
– Bye! – Hey, guys! Vartuhi here.
Thanks so much for watching this episode of Adults React.
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